Tarabuco – The Street Fair of the Andes

The small village of Tarabuco lives a double life akin to that of a super hero – from Monday to Saturday, it is a sleepy little village….
but on Sundays it is transformed as if by magic, into a colourful, bustling market attracting indigenous people from all over Bolivia.
Wearing traditional costume consisting of extraordinary pom-pom and Spanish Conquistador hats, woven skirts and cloaks,
the market traders help the streets become to become a living, breathing entity.
Tarabuco Streetfair
Tourists and natives alike throng amongst this vibrant street fair haggling for goods such as native weavings, vegetables, coca leaf, dyes or coloured thread, kitchen utensils and even machetes!
This market is a unique experience and definitely worth checking out
for an authentic Andean shopping extravaganza.

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