Horseback Riding to El Tajo - Full Day

Our car picks you up from Café Florín at 09:15 hrs, and takes you to the horses. After meeting the horses and the guide, you’ll climb up (well, your horse does!) the mountains behind the village Yotala.

The splendid views over the mountains and rivers of the “Cordillera de los Frailes” give you a feeling of being part of a western movie. Coming over the peak you’ll ride downhill near to the village and river Cachi Mayu.

There you can visit historic “haciendas” and rest your feet in the water of the river.
The way back goes up in a little side river that comes down to Cachi Mayu.
There you can appreciate colonial “haciendas” and dip in the river. Before coming to Yotala we take a detour to get to the place called "El Tajo", there you can enjoy a delicious Ambrosia if you like.

The guide stays with the horses while you are having a break. After resting and enjoying the outdoors, you can return to the city of Sucre. There you can find a transport to go back to Sucre in about 20 min.
If you like, also you can return by horse, riding in about three hours, (Check