Mines Tour "Cerro Rico"     (Half day tour)

We'll pick you up from your hotel at 08:30 for the visit that starts at 9.00 a.m. and lasts 2 or 3 hours (or what you want) and leaves every day. First we visit the miners' market; you can buy coca leaves, cigarettes, coca-cola, water, dynamite and fuses, which you can take as presents to the miners.

Before climbing the hill we get the equipment necessary to visit the mine and here you can leave anything you won’t need in the mine, everything is left behind locked doors.

You will observe the mine galleries and tunnels, made from stone over 450 years ago. You will pass through over 3 km of interconnected mine tunnels and descend through 5 levels, some 20 to 30 meters apart, entering deep into the heart of the mountain. Just as far as you want, there’s always a second guide if you want to leave halfway.

Our knowledgeable (English) guide will help you gain fascinating insights into the lives of 980 working miners. You will also experience the excitement of a dynamite explosion and listen to accounts of the history of the mines, their economy, the miners' culture and working condition