Cordillera De Los Frailes Tour - 3 Days/2 Nights

Well-known as the home of the Jalq´a people. It’s an imposing mountain range which creates a formidable barrier between Chuquisaca and Potosí.

This area is characterized by the diversity of attractions which are a combination of nature, ethnography, culture and archeology.

Visiting the most interesting villages of the “Cordillera de los Frailes” like Chataquila, Chaunaca, Maragua and Quila Quila is a true adventure.

Almost no traffic, hardly any tourist and the real indigenous Bolivian people that most of the time only speak Quechua, their native language.


Day 1:
  • The trekking from “the Prehispanic Inca Trail” to Chaunaca (3 hrs. approx.).
  • From Chaunaca our car will take you to Potolo.
  • Visit local family to see weavings and how they live (1 hrs. approx.)
  • Overnight in Potolo cabañas (4hrs. from Chaunaca)
  • *Optional, do this through the river/canyon in dry season (6-7hrs.), skipping the Prehispanic Inca Trail.

Day 2:
  • Trekking Potolo - Niñumayu (dino-tracks) 5hrs. approx.
  • Niñumayu - Maragua (2hrs.) and visit the crater and surroundings.
  • Overnight in Maragua. (natural stone made cabañas)

Day 3:
  • Visit local family to see weavings and how they live (1 hrs. approx.)
  • Trekking Maragua-Marca Rumi-Quila Quila (3-4 Hrs. approx.)

  • Private transport round trip
  • English or Spanish speaking guide
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees
  • Food & Water
  • Snacks
  • Free Drink in Café Florín!

Not included:
  • Tips
  • Fruit or candy for the little kids on the way (or game things such a soccer ball, school material, etc.)

You need to bring:
Good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, camera, bathing suit, towel, rainy jacket (ask for rainy season), sleeping bag (just in case), personal necessities.

We try not to bring too much things like soft drinks and snacks/chocolates from the city and instead we want everybody to spend in the little villages, so tourism will make sense to the local people….Of course we`ll bring the main food from the city.

Hikes Sucre
Inca trail & Maragua Crater FD
Pinturas rupestres FD
Pre-Inca Trail HD

Horses Sucre
Cabezas - HD
Riding to El Tajo - FD

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